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Pregnancy Massage

Rennie is a pregnancy massage specialist and has a lot of experience in this type of massage. Traditional massage is available but for something really special the Ka Huna pregnancy massage is recommended. The Ka Huna pregnancy massage is a fabulous massage which will relax you and energise you at the same time, helping the body cope with the extra stresses of pregnancy. It promotes bonding between mother and child and assists in preparing both for birth. The massage table has a pregnancy feature specially designed for this massage. You can also elect to have a more traditional massage if that is your preference. Special table and pillow are available for face down lying up until late term.

  • When done effectively, has been proven to reduce stress hormones within a pregnant woman’s body.
  • Increases the levels of hormones which tend to be low in women who are depressed.
  • It leads to a reduction in anxiety and there is often an improvement in general mood following a massage.
  • Regular massage throughout the pregnancy is said to shorten labour time and the return to optimal fitness after birth.
  • Pregnant women often find a massage rejuvenates their energy because it gives them an opportunity to rest and completely relax.
  • Relieves the everyday discomforts of pregnancy such as an aching neck, sore back, and heaviness in the pelvic bones, leg cramps, swelling of the ankles and feet and oedema (fluid retention).
  • Leads to muscle relaxation and relief of joint pain. Pregnancy massage can be particularly helpful for women who experience sciatic nerve pain.
  • Builds a feeling a sense of connectedness with another person as well as building a rapport. Many pregnant women experience a change in their intimate relationship with their partner and suffer from being “touch deprived”.
  • Pregnancy massage may improve the progression of labour with better health outcomes for both the mother and her baby. More relaxed mothers tend to have a lower risk of interventions during labour and birth.
  • Pregnancy massage can provide an opportunity for women to completely stop what they are doing and focus on the pleasure of having someone else do something just for them.
  • Improved sleep due to feeling less muscle tension and generally less uncomfortable.