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Half Price Pregnancy Massage

One available per week only! Limited time offer.  Here is the chance to give your child a marvelous start in life and even to do wonders for yourself at the same time! Ask about availability.

Free 20 minute wellness check

I’ll spend 20 minutes reviewing your situation, assessing your condition and advise if there is something I may be able to do to assist. No obligation, no fee.

Healing Challenge Deal!

Massive discount when you pay up front! This package is designed to kick start a major healing event for you. Eight treatments in eight weeks. Some amazing transformations have taken place when this challenge has been run in the past. I don’t expect you to pay up without knowing what you are getting, so you can elect to take this deal at the end of your first treatment. If you don’t want to take the deal, just pay for your treatment as normal.

For 8 90 minute sessions, this would normally be $1072, you pay only $750, that’s a MASSIVE 30% off!

For 8 2hr sessions (recommended), normally $1432, you pay only $998!

Keep in mind that the beginning of each session will be a consultation, initially to find out more about you, and thereafter to assess your progress and plan the next treatment.