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The Placebo Effect
Feb 06

The Placebo Effect

Skeptics of healing methods that don’t conform to the evidence-based paradigm currently in fashion by western medicine have said any benefits are due to “The Placebo Effect”.  The placebo effect says that the effectiveness of a treatment is due to the patient’s belief in that treatment.  So, something that doesn’t involve taking any drugs, having any operations or doing anything else other than believing in the effectiveness of the treatment can bring about a healing. That’s amazing. In terms of what an energy healer does, and what the skeptic’s argument is, here is how I will reword it: “No you can’t possibly have a physical effect by using your thoughts, because using thoughts can have a physical effect.”

Evidence-based medicine cancels out the placebo effect. Wouldn’t it be better to find out why it works and how to harness that? Would you rather be healed with no risk of unwanted side effects? I know I would.

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