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About the Healing Crisis
Mar 25

About the Healing Crisis

The Healing Crisis is something that persons in an unwell state will encounter when they experience a detox treatment or when the get treated by a good therapist. The medical term for healing crisis is the “Herxheimer Reaction” and most people are unaware of it. It will occur when toxins are released from the tissues into the circulation system, but the elimination organs are not able to eliminate them quickly enough. The presence of these toxins in your system will then make you feel sick. Common symptoms are headaches, nausea, fatigue, fever etc. This is a normal process in the path to wellness and can be mitigated by drinking plenty of water after a treatment to assist with the elimination of toxins.

Many clients do not return to a therapist after experiencing a healing crisis because they assume the therapist made them ill. Nothing could be further from the truth. These are the therapists you need to go and see because they are actually doing a lot to help your body heal. You can read more here



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