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The Healing Challenge
Mar 11

The Healing Challenge

My current promotion is designed to kick start a major healing event. It’s a pay up front package of 8 treatments keenly priced with a 30% discount over paying for the treatments individually. More detail here:

The idea is to get some clients to commit to a potent series of treatments that promotes continuous improvement. A lot of the time people leave it too long between massages and this will undo a lot of the gains achieved. A series of treatments spaced one week apart will promote constant improvement and a big building of healing energy.  I can rarely achieve anything great in just one treatment, so I designed this promotion to  attract those clients that have long standing problems that they want to shift. When I have run similar promotions in the past, some terrific healings have been experienced, which is the reason why I am in this game. Seeing someone improve dramatically leaves me with a feeling of joy and fulfillment.

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